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This woman hid her mother’s body in the freezer for 10 years!

A surprising case has emerged in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Here, a Japanese woman kept her mother’s body hidden in the freezer for 10 years for fear of being taken out of the house. According to Japanese media reports, the woman told the police that she kept her mother in her apartment hidden in the freezer for a decade so that no one would know of her mother’s death.

According to the report, the woman feared that she might have to leave the house after the mother’s death notice came out. Police told AFP that 48-year-old Yumi Yoshino was arrested on suspicion of hiding the body of a woman. The body was recovered from an apartment in Tokyo on Wednesday from inside the freezer.

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Local sources are quoted by police sources as saying that Yoshino told police that she kept her mother’s corpse hidden for 10 years because she does not want to leave the house in which she lived with her mother. Kyodo News said that the woman’s mother’s age at the time of death would be around 60 years. The lease of the apartment located in the Municipal Housing Complex was in the name of the deceased woman.

The report states that Yoshino was evicted from the apartment in mid-January for not paying rent. During the cleaning, a cleaner found Yoshino’s mother’s dead body in the freezer. The report said that at what time the woman died due to autopsy and the cause of death could not be ascertained.

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