Top Traffic Violations in Delhi during Holi: Drunk Driving and Riding Without Helmet

More than 1,500 people were issued challans for riding without helmets during Holi festival in the national capital. Traffic violations surged in Delhi this year as the police cracked down on drunk driving and riders without helmets, issuing more than 800 fines for driving under the influence of alcohol on Monday.

Delhi Traffic Police released data on traffic violations during Holi, indicating riding without helmets as the top traffic violation during the festival. As many as 1,524 challans were issued for this offence, with 824 people penalised for drunk driving, a 50 per cent increase from last year. The number of road accidents on the day decreased from 24 in 2023 to 11 this year.

In addition to the helmet and drunk driving violations, Delhi Traffic Police also fined over 1,200 vehicle owners for various offences like using tinted glass, not wearing seat belts, and triple riding. Last year, Delhi saw 3,410 cases of riding without helmets on Holi, showcasing a significant increase in enforcement this year.

In neighbouring Noida and Greater Noida, police took action against more than 12,000 vehicle owners for violating traffic rules during the festival. Two-wheeler riders without helmets formed the majority of cases, followed by triple riding and stunts on public roads, resulting in heavy fines. Despite the high number of violations, Noida reported fewer cases of drunk driving compared to Delhi, with only 67 instances on the same day.

Overall, the enforcement drive by Delhi and Noida police aimed to ensure road safety and adherence to traffic rules during the Holi festival celebrations. The increased fines and penalties reflect the authorities’ commitment to maintaining order on the roads and reducing accidents during festive periods.

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