Twitch Streamer Cheesur Exhibits Self-Harm Tendencies During Live Stream, Leaves Netizens Concerned

Nermin “Cheesur” is currently hitting the buzz line because of what he said online and that turned out to be very controversial to even hear and see for people and netizens.

So, this all started when a message came to Cheesur which suggested that he doesn’t care about his followers and he’s using them for content and monetary purposes only.

Twitch Streamer Cheesur Exhibits Self-Harm Tendencies During Live Stream

In reply to that, he was super triggered and he started hitting himself and punched himself in the face with a computer mouse. Referring to that, he also said that he’s the only one who cares about his followers, which makes him superior and different from other creators online.

The next incident was something that was escalated way more. He started accusing his followers and the viewers that they were jobless and overweight. He was constantly assaulting people verbally and talking dirty about his viewers.

And then, he proceeded to have a meltdown right after that. These clips which have surfaced online have caused a huge stir. He is not only portraying self-harming thoughts but is also triggering many people online. People are worried about his mental health and they are also concerned about the way Cheesur treats his fans online.

These clips are out on social media and they suggest the importance of mental health and why it is so important for content creators to be mentally stable as they tend to expose themselves in front of a wide audience and they have the power to influence and captivate people.

The videos circulating the internet have raised loads of concerns about the behaviour he was exhibiting online. Netizens and his followers were shocked to see the behavioural and temperament changes he was exhibiting, and that led to the topic of the importance of mental health.

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