UAE’s New Visa Rules Obstructed Some Passengers from Boarding: Don’t Plan Dubai Trip Without Reading This

On Thursday, the market witnessed new visa rules set by the UAE, urging travelers to carry proof of accommodation before boarding a flight, a valid return ticket, and at least Dh3,000 in cash.

Citing travel agencies, Khaleej Times reported that Dubai is implementing modifications to its visit visa rules.

Numerous tourists from India, who could not meet the new guidelines, found themselves ‘stuck’ at the airport. Some were also denied boarding.

According to Khaleej Times, UAE authorities and top officials are serious about enforcing these strict entry guidelines.

Firoz Maliyakkal, CEO and founder of Tahira Tours and Travels, told the local media outlet,

“People traveling to Dubai must have a valid visa and a passport with at least six months’ validity. They must carry a confirmed return ticket. These checks are being done earlier.”

He further added that it is important for authorities to ensure that every traveler has enough cash as “proof of funds to sustain their stay in Dubai.”

Stringent New Visa Rules by Dubai

Firoz Maliyakkal added to his statements to Khaleej Times citing,

“The amount is any currency equivalent to Dh3,000 in cash or credit card. One has to provide a valid address proof of accommodation in the UAE; it can be either a relative’s or friend’s home or a hotel booking.”

Another travel agent stated that the new guidelines will optimistically impact UAE’s tourism sector by ensuring that tourists don’t overstay in the UAE.

The travel agent stated that strict and rigid rules are important to provide transparency. Moreover, it is crucial to prevent any sort of discrepancies for individuals traveling to the emirate.

As per Times Now, travellers could also be spotted saying that they were not even allowed to board. Moreover, at the Dubai Airport, they were stranded.

As per the Local media outlets, airlines are also checking for paperwork regarding the hotel reservation in advance while checking the visa holders.

Reportedly, passengers who lost their flight due to new rules in Dubai Visa rules were not even allowed to reschedule their flights.

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