Varun Grover, writer of ‘Masaan,’ does not think art is born from a broken heart

Mumbai, April 1 (IANS) Lyricist Varun Grover, known for his work on ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Sacred Games’, debunks the belief that quality art stems from a broken heart. In a podcast appearance, Varun emphasized that curiosity, not pain, fuels artistry. He recently directed ‘All India Rank’ to critical acclaim.

Varun Grover, in a candid conversation on ‘Chalchitra Talks’, dismissed the notion that good art emerges from personal turmoil. He refuted the idea, stating, “Music or art in general is created when you’re curious. To be curious, it’s not necessary for an artiste to go through pain.” He questioned the romanticism around pain and the belief in suffering as a prerequisite for art.

Discussing the common perception that artists must experience heartbreak to produce meaningful work, Varun Grover challenged the stereotype. He pondered, “Broken heart, does it help? Or is it an aura created around artists with a broken heart just like how there has been an aura created around any kind of misery.” His nuanced take on the relationship between personal struggles and artistic output resonated with many.

Varun Grover recently ventured into direction with ‘All India Rank’, a film that captivated audiences and critics upon its February release. The positive reception to his directorial debut underscores Varun’s versatility and talent in the Indian entertainment industry. His words on artistry and creativity serve as a refreshing perspective in a field often romanticized for its connection to pain and suffering.


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