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Video Of A Woman In Bikini On A Delhi Bus Goes Viral On Twitter, WATCH

A video is currently going viral on the internet, showing a woman in a bikini on a Delhi bus. According to news reports, the video was shot in Delhi NCR. In the viral clip, she can be seen wearing nothing but underwear while boarding a crowded bus.

Additionally, in the clip, passengers, irked by her clothing, decided to move away from her. One passenger even left their seat and kept a distance from the girl.

Video Of A Woman In Bikini On A Delhi Bus Dominates The Social Media 

The clip has gone viral on various social media platforms, generating millions of clicks and views. In just a day, the video has garnered around 5.3 lakh views and thousands of comments. It has also led to the creation of many wild memes and reels on Instagram.

As the video started to gain more attention, netizens on Twitter/X sparked a debate. Some are siding with her, stating she has the right to wear whatever she wants, while some are criticizing her behavior in a public space.

It got to a point where netizens started tagging Delhi Police and demanding strict action against the woman. Police officials have yet to respond to the incident.

One user quoted,

‘Some people are becoming shameless; how do they get such ideas?’

Another wrote,

‘What is wrong with her? Why do people do such things? She is also making the rest of the passengers uncomfortable. Also, obviously, this is unsafe as well.’

Meanwhile, Some netizens are in her favor, with many supporting her decision to travel in public transport in a two-piece bikini.

One commented,

‘It’s okay, let her live the way she wants. In this humid weather, the fewer clothes you wear, the more comfortable you feel. I myself am wearing underwear while tweeting.'”

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