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Was Mumbai blackout the result of China’s conspiracy? Government asked for report #Mumbaiblackout

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Last October, a power outage occurred in the country’s financial capital, Mumbai. In this, electricity was lost in many areas of Mumbai, due to which the functioning of many big corporate houses, banks and stock markets were adversely affected. At the same time, after this electricity outage in the midst of Coronavirus crisis, the power of the hospitals too was lost. Now it has come out in a report shared with the government that its wires can be connected to China. The state government of Maharashtra has taken cognizance of the New York Times report. After this report, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has sought a report about this from the cyber police.

According to a New York Times report, the study showed that in June, following the ongoing tension between India and China over the border dispute in Ladakh, China had taken the path of cyberattack and messing up the power supply system by malware Tried.

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‘Chinese attempt to burglarize power plant’

According to the report, it may be that RedEcho, a Threat Activity Group associated with China, has tried to burglarize India’s important power plant. In a study done on the Mumbai Blackout, it has come out that-

‘Some additional evidence has been found in which the load dispatch centers of India were targeted in an organized manner. Some of India’s most sensitive national infrastructure was systematically attacked by Chinese hackers.

American company Recorded Future nabbed malware

China’s malware was caught by US company Recorded Future. This company works on digital threads online. The company found that most malware had never been activated before. Recorded Future cannot go to India’s power systems, so they have not been able to see the details related to the codes that were inserted in the electricity distribution system across the country.

In early 2020, Recorded Future had found that China is trying extensively to break into Indian institutions. According to Recorded Future’s report – Network traffic was being profiled in a concrete way targeting Indian organizations. 21 IP addresses belonging to 12 Indian power transmission sectors have been found, which have been found to be sensitive.

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Indian authorities respond to investigation

As soon as it was found out that the code found could be related to China, after this the Indian officials became calm. Maharashtra Cyber ​​Intelligence Unit chief Yashswi Yadav said – the authority had received information about some ‘suspicious activity’, in which there were indications of the involvement of a country.

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