What Flower Bouquets and Gifts Should You Give for New Year?

As we edge close to the end of the year, what is going through our minds is finding the right gifts to send to our loved ones as new years gifts. When looking for wonderful new year gifts, try as much as possible not to repeat the same gifts that you sent the previous year.

No matter how the year was, it is always good to end on a high by ushering the new year in style. New year flowers may seem like simple gifts but what makes them great new year gifts is that they are full of symbolism.  If you want to try new and exciting gifts to give your loved ones then, these flower bouquets and gifts will work out just fine. Since the new year is celebrated a week after Christmas, sending flower bouquets in festive colors isn’t a bad idea.

That is red, green, and white. A new year’s flower bouquet that has one or all of these colors will work just fine. Any fall bloom will work out just fine as a new year gift, and to make the floral gift even better, you can complement it with other special personalized gifts. With no further ado, let’s look at several flower bouquets and gifts that should be given in the new year.

A Bouquet Tulips 

Tulip belongs to the lily family called Liliaceae. Choosing a bouquet of red and white tulips tied in a golden ribbon is a wonderful new year gift idea. Tulips come second to roses as the most popular in the world. They are also the most romantic flowers in the world. If you want to surprise your spouse or with a new year bouquet, a bouquet of red tulips would be perfect because they symbolize the perfect love. Their bulbous

look like a turban is what gave them the name tulips in Pasian. Anyone will appreciate these new year flowers as a new year’s floral gift. 

Orchids Flowers

Crossing over to the new year is a grand event that requires a bouquet of orchids as a floral gift. They represent royalty as home and cosmetic décor. The funny thing about these flowers is that the name orchid comes from the Greek word “Orchis,” which means “testicle.” This is due to their underground tubers that look like testicles. If you are looking for an elegant flower to send as a new year gift, then orchids are perfect. Orchids come in red, yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green. Therefore, as a new year’s bouquet, try sending it in red, white, or green as they are the three colors of the festive season.

A Throw Blanket 

While looking for tht perfect new year gift, it is wise to go for a thoughtful gift that will resonate with the cold winter season. A throw blanket will make a perfect new year gift for your mother or spouse. What makes it a thoughtful gift is that it warms up the recipient during winter, which is the year’s coldest season. Buy this awesome gift in any of the season’s colors, and your recipient will appreciate it. 

A Bouquet of Roses 

Who doesn’t like the splendor that roses bring in any environment? These are flowers for all occasions and seasons. The rose flower is the most popular in the world, wearing the crown as the king of all flowers! No matter what kind of emotion you want to send to your loved one, roses are the perfect floral gift, even as a new year gift. A bouquet of red and white a few greeneries as filter flowers will work well. The beauty of roses is that they bloom throughout the year, and you can get them in white, red, pink, and yellow. 


Just like Christmas Gifts, sending a new year gift is a wonderful gesture. With these awesome flower bouquets, you will feel the hearts of your loved ones with joy. Flowers are also great meaningful gifts that are not quite expensive, and anyone can afford them. You will get these and many kinds of flowers and new year baskets for all occasions at Cosmea Gardens. 

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