Who is Hailey Nichelle Clifton-Carmack? Photos of Laquey High School Missouri Maths teacher goes viral

With a disturbing turn of events, Laquey High School Missouri maths teacher Hailey Nichelle Clifton-Carmack has been arrested on charges of engaging in sexual activity with a minor student on school premises.

Above all, she used other students as “lookouts” revealed in court documents. This all started when one of  Laquey High School’s staff sent a report to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department which started an investigation on Hailey Nichelle Clifton-Carmack.

Here we will dive into the story and find out what the fuss is about. Keep on scrolling- 

Photos of Laquey High School Missouri teacher Hailey Nichelle Clifton-Carmack spark outrage in the media 

As per news reports, one of the students showed pictures of their classmate with bruises and scratches caused due to the teacher’s action that occurred in the school driveway. The student further claimed that the teacher used to be over-friendly and often wore inappropriate clothes in the school. It has been alleged that the father of the victim knew about the teacher-student sexual relationship.

On 8 December, police visited the school and seized Clifton-Carmack’s belongings. They had a warrant to check the personal items of the accused. As a result, they found many incriminating messages on her phone. 

Initially, the teacher denied all the allegations made against her but the text messages on her phone showed inappropriate chats with the minor. Court documents revealed that Clifton-Carmack often wore inappropriate clothing.

Additionally, the father of the minor was also arrested for endangering the welfare of a child., He knew about the sexual misconduct but did not speak about it. The Laquey R-5 School District stated that the incident is disturbing and inexcusable and goes below the laid professional standards. 

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