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6 Best MX Player Hot Web Series to watch in 2023

Today we gonna be diving into MX Player hot web series. These series are based on different genres. As winters are here, it is best to get into our blankets and binge-watch the series which we like. So keep on scrolling- 

Top MX Player Hot Web Series 

1. Junoon

MX Player Hot Web Series

A perfect depiction of wild love and lust. It tells a tale of a person and how far they are willing to go just to prove their love. Made originally in Bengali but later dubbed into Hindi. If you are looking for a series based on thrilling, suspenseful and wild love then this one won’t let you down. Available on MX player and holds a positive review from critics as well as the audience.

2. Hello Mini

MX Player Hot Web Series 2023

A perfectly sorted life turns upside down. The series is based on Rivanah a simple decent girl living alone in Mumbai with a perfect job, a loving boyfriend and supportive parents. Soon she finds out someone is trying to control her life, watching her every move secretly. Earlier she thought it must be some secret admirer but soon what unravels is something rivanah wasn’t even prepared for. 

3. Bekaaboo

Best MX Player Hot Web Series

The erotic MX player hot web series is based on Kiyaan Roy’s best seller that depicts a luxurious life that seems hard to be real. But everything comes with a price, sometimes even the heart desires something painful and twisting. Sex is different for everyone for some misery satisfies them. If you are looking for dark erotic series with a pinch of lavish life then this will keep you hooked to your screen, till your finish the last episode. 

4. Dangerous

MX Player Hot Web Series

Featuring real-life couple Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover. It depicts the story of wealthy businessman Aditya Dhanraj whose wife, Diya has gone missing. The story takes a different turn when he finds out his ex-girlfriend Neha will be handling the case along with the police. If you are looking for a MX player hot web series that has drama, thrill and a strange storyline then Dangerous is suitable for you. It also holds positive reviews from critics. The performance of Karan Singh Grover was highly appreciated. 

5. Dev DD

Dev DD

Well everyone knows the story of Devadas. Based on the same story But in Dev DD a woman is laying the main lead. The series gets hotter with drama, and emotions and is filled with alcohol. It shows the story of Devika and her wild side. A series showing lust, and love betrayal all in one bowl. 

6. Ragini MMS Returns

Ragini MMS returns

This series doesn’t need any introduction. Based on the hit Ragini MMS franchise. Returns tell a story of a girl who has enrolled in a new college where ghost and darkness start to lurk in her life. Due to the Ragini franchise’s popularity, returns opened with an already craving audience. If you like Ragini MMS then this might be interesting to you. 

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