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94 pc of Indian firms plan to boost workers' skills, abilities this year: Report




94 pc of Indian firms plan to boost workers' skills, abilities this year: Report

New Delhi, Feb 27 (IANS) – A new report revealed that 94 per cent of Indian companies plan to enhance their employees’ skills in 2024, with 53 per cent looking to provide online training programs. According to LinkedIn, upskilling, aligning learning with business goals, and promoting a culture of learning are top priorities for learning & development (L&D) professionals in India this year.

Ruchee Anand, Senior Director at LinkedIn India, stated, “With skills for jobs expected to change 68 per cent by 2030 globally, there is a greater emphasis on learning both technical and soft skills.” The report surveyed over 4,000 hiring managers across various countries, including India, to understand the changing skill requirements due to advancements in AI and automation.

The report noted that 98 per cent of Indian employers have observed significant shifts in the skills they prioritize for job candidates. Companies are now seeking candidates with AI expertise, soft skills, and a willingness to learn. Additionally, 91 per cent of L&D professionals in India believe that human skills are increasingly competitive in the economy.


Furthermore, 48 per cent of hiring managers in India are offering career progression opportunities to their current employees. They are focused on helping employees acquire the skills needed for the future of work and providing competitive salaries and benefits to retain top talent, according to the report.

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