A 30 Minute Full Body Home Workout Plan That Actually Works

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It’s not always possible to make time for workouts and we understand that. You could have got new or added responsibilities, or working from home does not leave time for workouts or perhaps you are still not comfortable with the idea of working out with other people just yet. But none of those reasons should keep you from being fit as you can enjoy a full-body workout in just 30 minutes. Try a 30-minute workout routine that will make your metabolism better and will help you get rid of that fat and build muscle. The best part of the home workout is that it can be done anywhere, at home, in the park, and requires minimum to no equipment. Now let’s learn more about this all-inclusive 30-minute full-body workout.

30 Minute Full Body Home Workout

If you are making your home workout schedule then make sure you include these exercises in your workout routine for an effective session.

1. Warm Up

Duration: 2 minutes

Usually, during a home workout, people tend to skip warm-up but one cannot deny the importance of warming up before a workout. The reason behind this is the fact that only by a warm-up does your body open up and the core gets ready and stays tight throughout the workout.

2. Jump Squats

Home Workout

Duration: 45 seconds for 10 reps
Rest Time: 15 seconds
Reps: 30

When it comes to a home full-body workout, jump squat is an unmissable exercise. Not only does it burn calories and help you maintain agility and balance but it also tones your butt, legs and abs. This exercise also boosts your overall performance in the workout.

3. Push Ups

Duration: 30 seconds for 10 reps
Rest Time: 15 seconds
Reps: 30

One of the simplest yet most effective exercises for a workout at home are pushups. This exercise works your core, chest and arm muscles.
Tip: Inhale while going down and exhale while coming back up.

4. Cool Down

Duration: 2 minutes

When you are indulging in a home full-body workout then cooling down is also very important. It is the controlled way to cool down post a workout session and bring your heart rate back to normal and stretch the muscles you have been working on and make sure that your body is not sore the next day.

Home workout indeed works if you are disciplined and regular and the best part is that they can be done within the comfort of your home. If you now want to indulge in a 30-minute full-body home workout then do it with FITCOACH. It has been revamped and is now ARIA, something that learns all about your fitness needs and goals and recommends workouts accordingly. As you go ahead and follow workouts recommended by ARIA, it monitors your habits and what you do and how you do it to improve the recommendations every time. The more you work out, the more exercise it recommends, the more it learns about your body and fitness preferences and helps you achieve your goals faster and in a more organised fashion.

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