North Braddock Church Shooting: Bernard Polite Threatened Pastor, Got Arrested

A church service in North Braddock, Pennsylvania was agitatedly disturbed on Sunday. 

A 26-year-old man, who was identified as Bernard Polite, is said to be behind the shooting that took place at Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church. 

Bernard Polite allegedly brandished a firearm during his sermon targeting Pastor Glenn Germany. 

The shooting incident at North Braddock Church occurred shortly after 1 p.m.  NBC reported that Pennsylvania State Police charged the 26-year-old. 

Video Footage Obtained 

A video clip was obtained by the church’s deacon. Pastor Glenn Germany shared the footage online. In the clip, an alarming moment can be spotted when “the pastor was confronted by Polite, with the firearm visibly aimed in his direction.”

Pastor Germany said, “I was like, this is not happening” to CBS

In the video, Deacon Clarence McCallister could also be spotted rushing towards the 26-year-old and throwing him to the ground. Deacon revealed that it was his stimulus that worked, as his mind reacted promptly to the pandemonium. 

Prior to this shooting incident, congregants had accumulated at the Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church to participate in the religious proceedings. Pastor Glenn Germany was guiding everyone. 

However, the peace of the surroundings broke out when police entered the church wielding a firearm with alleged intent.

The attack on Pastor Glenn Germany is a lesson for the world to understand the importance of having strong security measures at in church. The safety of parishioners and clergy personnel should not be avoided at any cost. 

Many houses of worship are equipped with increased security. However, prompt readiness and alertness needs to be emphasized. 

According to TimesNow, congregations and religious leaders were advised by the authorities to continue being proactive and watchful while resolving any potential threats approaching.

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