Amy Jackson’s Face Change In Latest Photoshoot Shocked Fans, People Comment, ‘Cillian Murphy’

People are raving about Amy Jackson‘s new look, the English actress and model best recognized for her work in Indian cinema. She now appears significantly different to her admirers and followers, and some have even commented on how much she resembles Irish actor Cillian Murphy.

Jackson recently posted photos from a date with her boyfriend Ed Westwick on her Instagram. Her high cheekbones and bright eyes in these photos reminded several fans of Cillian Murphy. Numerous remarks and jokes about how similar they appear as a result.

Amy Jackson’s Face Change In Latest Photoshoot

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The world is now literally filled with plastic surgeries and too many face apps messing up the faces of people. It is almost impossible to see people in their natural looks these days because of the artificiality that has come up.

However, this time it has reached to such an extreme level that people are literally unable to recognize the actual person.

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The difference has been so noticeable that Jackson is now referred to by fans as Murphy’s twin. Some of the comments under her post say, “Why do i see cilan murphy😭”, “Openheimer girl version”, “Now I am become death. The destroyer of worlds!!”, “Why does she look different now tho.. Is it just the make up n lightning or did she have some surgery?!🤔” and more to these.

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Jackson’s altered image has surely attracted the notice of her admirers and followers, even though the precise cause is unknown.

There has been no indication from Jackson or her team regarding the possibility that it could be because of makeup methods or even a potential plastic treatment.

Despite the rumors, Jackson appears to be relishing the spotlight and keeps her fans updated on her life and career. She wore a gorgeous red outfit to the London Fashion Week recently.

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