12 Best PrimePlay Web Series To Watch With Your Friends (2023)

PrimePlay- OTT platforms are out there to make our lives better! Entertainment is at our fingertips with the apps and we can avail to watch all our favorite content anywhere and anytime. Because of the amount of web series and movies that get uploaded on the OTT platforms, sometimes most of our time gets diverted to just selecting what to watch.

So if you’re stuck in that timeless loop of selecting what you wanna watch, worry not, cause we have got you covered! Below mentioned are the 12 best PrimePlay web series that you need to check out with your friends, family, or even alone!

12 PrimePlay Web Series:

1. Anokha Rishta

With surprising turns, “Anokha Rishta” presents a compelling story of romance and drama that emphasizes the complex relationship between a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law.

Cast:Alok Nath Pathak
Jullie Borra
Tripti Berra
Crew:Director: S Rao

2. Ilaaj

With an emphasis on doctors, nurses, patients, and medical students, “Ilaaj” analyses intricate medical interactions and unearths unspoken connections. It depicts an out-of-the-ordinary romance between a patient and a carer that defies expectations.

Cast:Nikki Prajapati
Kamalika Chanda
Shikha Ramya
Crew:Director: S. Rao

3. Naqaab

An aging Sarpanch in a village wants to pass on his post to his nephew, but the Vice Sarpanch wants to take over and sends his wife to ask the Sarpanch for help.

Cast:Tarakesh Chauhan
Nikki Prajapati
Pratham Verma
Crew:Director: S. Rao

4. Pahredaar 4

The complicated relationship between a father-in-law and daughter-in-law is explored in “Pahredaar 4” When his son is away, he takes care of her, but when a new daughter-in-law moves home, tensions start to build.

Cast:Deepak Dutt Sharma
Ravi Patel
Ritika Surya
Crew:Director: Soon update

5. Samay Yaatra

The “Samay Yatra” web series explores unusual relationships, notably those between brothers, and pushes limits for contemporary thoughts on happiness. It also presents a complicated moral story.

Cast:Gaurav Sinha
Priyanka Chaurasia
Aishwarya Agarwal
Crew:Director: S. Rao

6. Nadaan

The “Nadaan” television series opens with an educated blind husband and wife team. The arrival of a group of college students adds attractions, which causes the plot to twist.

Cast:Khushi Mukherjee
Aashima Aashi
Ashraf Saifee
Crew:Director: Porus

7. Juaa

The family featured in the web series is headed by a gambler and heavy drinker. He borrows money, loses it, and the lender ends up taking care of his family.

Cast:Aishwarya Agarwal
Prajakta Jahagirdar
Deepak Dutt Sharma
Crew:Director: Soon update

8. KaroNaa

The series begins during the lockdown, sparked by guests’ arrival. Amid global distress, the household finds solace and opportunity in the lockdown’s embrace.

Cast:Bharti Jha
Aliya Naaz
Jayshree Gaikwad
Crew:Director: Soon update

9. Paglet 3

Vaishali is shown in “Paglet” as a young woman who obeys her husband’s commands. She embraces his attitude on physical closeness, which causes havoc and results in a hilarious yet sensual story.

Cast:Tarakesh Chauhan
Bharti Jha
Farhaan Ansari
Crew:Director: Yogesh Ojha

10. Flat Screen

The series centers on Dhani, who was shunned because of her physique. The plot surprise occurs when her parents start dating.

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Cast:Jayshree Gaikwad
Saisha Bhasin Khan
Divya Arya
Crew:Director: Porus

11. Charmyog

The web series opens with a local custom in which girls spend the night with an unmarried man to decide who they will marry.

Cast:Manvi Chugh
Aayushi Jaiswal
Neha Singh
Crew:Director: Ravi

12. Stranger

In the “Stranger” series, a happy couple experiences a turn of events when the wife secretly develops feelings for a mysterious man she sees frequently while hiding this relationship from her husband.

Cast:Zoey Thakur
Amit Raina
Suman Das
Crew:Director: Porus

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