Big B recalls his experience acting in a Nikolai Gogol play at Sherwood College

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan reminisces about his time playing a mayor in a school play of Nikolai Gogol’s ‘The Government Inspector.’ The actor shared an anecdote from his rehearsals and revealed that he had to give up starring in the play due to exams.

In 1957, at Sherwood College in Nainital, Amitabh Bachchan portrayed the role of the Mayor in ‘The Government Inspector.’ He mentioned Danny Kaye playing the Inspector and winning the Best Actor’s trophy during a performance in Milman Hall.

During rehearsals, Bachchan’s classmate suggested a famous line to be spoken impromptu, which garnered a great response from the audience. Despite his success in the play, he had to give up the role to focus on his Senior Cambridge exams.

Geoffrey Kendall, known for Shakespeareana drama Company, approached Bachchan to be a part of one of their plays. However, he had to decline the offer as he was preparing for his exams. Instead, his classmate John Kurrien took on the role.


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