CaseOh, The Grocery Store Manager Trending on Social Media 

CaseOh is a content creator who has gathered huge recognition and attention on the internet recently for streaming supermarket simulations. 

CaseOh hails from Arkansas and is active on Youtube, Twitch and Tiktok.

It is a huge responsibility to manage a multiservice grocery store, however, CaseOh manages everything with ease.

From the videos it is evident that the Youtuber is an established business executive, as he manages his workers well and restocks groceries in his store as well.

CaseOh, in a recent livestream, noticed that his grocery store has low stock of peanut butter and chocolate bars. Being the manager, CaseOh immediately responded to the situation by ordering a restocking.

In the same YouTube live video, CaseOh could be spotted getting furious at one of his employees when he saw loose boxes on the floor. 

He filled up the boxes in the store by collecting boxes delivered by FedEx. 

CaseOh could be spotted going through his daily routine as a manager of a supermarket in the stream itself. Meanwhile, he also engaged his audiences. 

When the YouTuber went through his digital grocery, found empty racks, he placed orders for more products. 

He could be heard saying,

“Come on chat, be honest, I am a good boss, right? Look, look how much pride I take in this place!”

while checking the fridges. 

In the livestream, a viewer asked CaseOh about expanding his store. To which, CaseOh replied,

“So you’re a millionaire in the game and probably building the next Walmart or what?”

Who is CaseOh?

CaseOh started his career as a social media personality in TikTok and Twitch in 2022. Since then, he has gathered widespread attention and recognition. 

He featured a variety of video games in his streams, the majority of the horror genre. Games include “Five Nights At Freddy’s,” and “Only Up!,” “Amnesia.”

CaseOh engages in jesting and chat banter on Twitch. This usually revolves around a major part of his internet persona, along with physical looks and weight.

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