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Commonwealth Day 2022: Check Its Evolution, Quotes, Wishes, Pictures For Celebration



Commonwealth Day 2022

Commonwealth Day: Every year on the second Monday in March, Commonwealth Day is honoured by citizens in all Commonwealth countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Americas, the Pacific, and Europe. Commonwealth Day is marked on May 24 in Bharat and several other countries.

Every year on Commonwealth Day, the Empress of Great Britain broadcasts a special message to Commonwealth youth via broadcast.

Commonwealth Day was commemorated this year on March 14 in Westminster Abbey, only with the queen and the ruling family in attendance. ‘Delivering a Common Future’ was the topic for Commonwealth Day 2022, which coincided with the theme for the next Commonwealth national leaders summit.


Why Is Commonwealth Day Observed?

Commonwealth Day, also known as Empire Day, is observed in 54 nations to commemorate the Commonwealth’s heritage and common interests. It is a public holiday in a few Commonwealth countries.

After Queen Victoria’s death on her birthday, May 24, 1902, Empire Day was first observed. On January 22, 1901, Victoria died. Empire Day, on the other hand, did not become an official annual holiday until 1916. Every year, its popularity increased, and in 1925, about 90,000 people attended an Empire Day Thanksgiving at Wembley Stadium.

Commonwealth Day Celebration

As per History UK, a site devoted to Britain’s heritage and history, kids from around the British empire could take part in Empire Day festivities, raising the Union Flag and performing patriotic songs such as Jerusalem as well as God Save the Crown.


Children were also read stories of heroism from all over the Empire, including the story of Robert Clive, the first British administrator of the Bengal Presidency.

In a New Zealand school notebook from 1910, there are references to such a celebration.

Date Adjustment

Empire Day was observed for more than 50 years until the British Empire began to wane. Britain’s relations with some of the nations had shifted by the 1950s, and critics regarded Empire Day as a chance to criticise British colonialism.


Quotes, Wishes, Pictures For Celebration

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