Dale Vince Net Worth 2023: How Much is the British Indrustialist Worth

Dale Vince OBE is a well known British industrialist and owns the electricity company Ecotricity. He is a passionate ecology activist and always bats for the use of eco-friendly and green energy. He was born in Norfolk on 29 August 1961 and laid the foundation of Renewable Energy Company in 1995 and launched his first wind turbine in 1996. He is also known to pursue creating artificial diamonds using carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and always bats for use of renewable energy. He is also a former New Age Traveler.

He sold Ecotricity in 2022 to concentrate on his political career and other renewable projects. He became the major shareholder and chairman of semi-professional football club Forest Green Rovers in 2010. He is credited with implementing eco-friendly proposals and turning it into the world’s first all-vegan football club. The club also boasts of being the world’s first carbon-neutral football club

Vince was appointed OBE in 2004 and also is the recipient of an honorary degree in 2013. He is also passionate on environmental issues and donated money in equal measure to both the Labour Party and the Green Party and endorsed politicians from both parties in general elections.

Dale Vince’s Business Empire

Born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Vince was the second of three children to parents who ran a Fenland haulage firm. He left school when he was 15 years old and became a New Age Traveller. Environmental issues were very dear to his heart even from a very early age and when RAF Molesworth was chosen to become a base for the US Air Force’s mobile nuclear armed Ground Launched Cruise Missile in 1980. Dale Vice opposed it and even occupied the base with his supporters He was also one of the new age travelers at the famous Battle of the Beanfield at Stonehenge in the mid-1980s.[

His dream of starting a wind farm was realized in 1991 and in 1995 created the Renewable Energy Company. In 1996, he launched his first wind turbine supplying “green electricity”.

Dale Vince

In a report carried in The Guardian in 2020 it was reported that Vance wanted to create artificial diamonds from the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere using renewable energy. The process envisaged using Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere to create Diamonds identical to the natural diamonds. The process of creating artificial diamonds is very energy intensive but Vince wanted to use solar energy and water collected from rainfall.

He expressed his desire to enter politics and in April 2022, he sold Ecotricity. He was not able to devote time to the company which had massive projects in the pipeline which required £2 billion of investment and reasoned that the new owners will be able to achieve even more, faster. His aim to join politics was to promote eco-friendly projects like tidal lagoons and geothermal energy.

Vince became a majority shareholder of Forest Green Rovers FC in 2010 and was appointed the Club Chairman three months later. It is to his credit that the Forest Green Rovers FC became a completely Vegan Club. He started the process in February 2011 when Rovers players were banned from eating red meat for health reasons. This was followed by a complete ban on any meat products a few weeks later. This left the players with only vegetarian options and free-range poultry and fish from sustainable stocks. In October 2015, Forest Green became the world’s first all vegan football club.

He also initiated a number of eco friendly measures and this include the installation of solar panels, use of a solar-powered robot grass mower and the creation of the world’s first organic football pitch. He also is credited with the introduction of the football kit made from a composite material consisting of recycled plastic and coffee grounds in 2021 and his team also became the first team to play with the ecofriendly football. The United Nations as well as FIFA has ayed that the Forest Green Rovers is the world’s first carbon-neutral football club in the world.

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Dale Vince Stops Funding ‘Just Stop Oil’, Whole Case Explained

Dale Vince, the big advocate of use of Green and Sustainable energy has said that he will be stopping funding Just Stop Oil and other direct action climate groups. Instead he will be channeling the money to vote out for Labour at the next general election.

Just Stop Oil is an environmental action group and has been in the thick of numerous protests against the production of fossil fuels, which are a major cause of climate change in the UK. It has carried out protests which included blocking roads, stopping play at sports matches and halting theater productions. Its methods have however been a subject of intense criticism.

How Much is Dale Vince Net Worth?

Dale Vince the famous British Industrialist “Dale Vince” has a net worth of $5 Million Dollars

Dale Vince Net Worth

Dale Vince’s Family

In his days when Dale was studying he met Kathleen Wyatt, two years his senior and with a child of her own, in 1981. The couple married and Kathleen was his fellow traveler when Dale became a New Age traveler. The Couple have a son named Dane. The couple divorced in 1992. His divorce was a messy affair and in 2016, the case was settled when Vince agreed to pay £300,000 to Wyatt.

Wiki Biodata

Born  29 August 1961 (age 62)
Place Of BirthGreat Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
OccupationEnergy industrialist
Years active1995–present
Known forFormer Owner of Ecotricity; chairman/owner of Forest Green Rovers
SpouseKate Vince (Divorced 1992)

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