Man Receives $10,000 Apology After DBrand’s Racist Response to His Post

Racism and other racial discrimination are perhaps very prevalent issues that still occur around the world daily. Indians have always been deeply affected by this issue and they are still suffering from it. Recently, an issue again brought racial discrimination into the limelight, and people are going crazy over it.

Man Gets Apology Of $10,000 After DBrand’s Racist Reply

Bhuwan Chitransh, from Pune, is currently in the Netherlands for work. He bought a phone cover from a local brand and later tweeted that within 2 months, the cover had already lost its shine and color.

He even asked the company what to do about the issue he was facing. In reply to his query on his social media account, the page admins trolled him based on his Indian surname. They implied that Bhuwan should not be bothered about this issue because his surname is rather ‘sh*t’.

Bhuwan immediately retweeted the post and tagged the PM of India, Narendra Modi, to showcase how Indians living outside the country are being treated.

Due to the massive outrage on social media based on this issue, the brand, DBrand, apologized later and offered him a $10,000 gift.

They also stated that they won’t stop trolling their fans and customers online.

This issue brought the issues of racism and profile discrimination into the spotlight again, and people have not remained silent over the issue now.

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