Indiana State University Student Asa Blaton’s Racist Comments Video Sparks Controversy On Social Media

A nursing student, Asa Blaton, recently posted a racist video on YikYak, where she can be seen criticizing African-American culture. As soon as it was posted, it went viral, spreading on various social media platforms.

Many protests were ignited at the college campus after a racist video started going viral on the internet. In the viral clip, she talks about American singer Beyoncé’s latest country album, targeting the black community.

Asa Blaton Racist Video Dominates Internet 

As the video started making rounds, many identified the girl as Asa Blanton, a nursing major student from Indiana State University. In the clip, she states:

“I’m sorry, but if you’re Black, you’re not country. I don’t care,” the student said. “I wish I meant that in the nicest way, but babe, I know you were raised in the country or your grandparents were … but they was picking, OK?”

She further added,

“They wasn’t planting. Just keep that in mind. They wasn’t making money. They were getting sold for money. You ain’t country.”

Indiana State University released an official statement on 8 April regarding the viral clip that sparked controversy in the media.

“The student’s comments do not align with our institutional values. We reaffirm our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. ISU takes incidents of this nature seriously and is committed to ensuring a welcoming environment for everyone.”

The president of ISU, Deborah J Curtis, further stated that the university is working with the Vice President for Student Affairs to identify the student, communicate directly with student leaders, and strategize how to prioritize well-being and safety.

Still, many on the campus and on social media are demanding strict action against Asa Blaton. The school’s Black Alumni Network is conducting protests on campus condemning her hate speech and racial slurs.

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