Minecraft Star TommyInnit Discusses His Sexuality in His Latest Livestream, Video Goes Viral

Famous livestreamer Thomas “TommyInnit” has become a hot topic in the media due to discussions about his sexuality. Recently, on April 15th, he was invited by fellow content creator Tobias “Tubbo” to appear in his “Tubbathon” livestream.

During their conversation, they touched upon various subjects. At one point, Tubbo asked to use the “F-slur,” to which TommyInnit responded:

“(Tubbo says, ‘The F-slur. I’ll say, ‘F,’ and then you say the last two letters.’) I’m bi-curious, so I guess I could say, like, a fifth of it. Hear that? You gots.”

Minecraft star TommyInnit discusses his sexuality with Tobias “Tubbo”

Upon hearing Tommy’s response, Tobias burst into laughter, and Tommy further added:

“That’s one of the jokes I wrote for my stand-up. So, I kind of spoiled that. But hey… (Tubbo replies, ‘That’s awesome! ‘Hear that? You gots’ is crazy!’). I can say a fifth because I am probably, probably bi. But I can’t be for sure. So, I’m, like, a little… I’m like a fifth right now.”

To which, Tubbo says- 

“Well, you know, there are websites for that.”

TommyInnit is a famous internet personality, best known for his Minecraft gameplay and livestreams. He started his Twitch channel in 2016 and has since amassed 7.3 million followers, primarily due to his gaming skills and charming personality.

Throughout his internet career, he has won numerous awards and accolades, including the Best Minecraft Streamer award at Twitch star Blaire “Cinderella’s” The Streamer Awards in 2022.

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Additionally, online reports indicate that he has spent approximately 1,258 hours playing the survival game developed by Mojang Studios. Originally from Nottingham, United Kingdom, Tommy has played many popular games, including Fortnite, Emily is Away, Terraria, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

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