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DGCA reports 24,275 weekly domestic flights in summer schedule




24,275 weekly domestic flights in summer schedule, says DGCA

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced that Indian operators will conduct 24,275 weekly domestic flights during the upcoming summer schedule starting March 31, marking a six percent increase from last year. The number of weekly departures has increased by 2.30 percent compared to the ongoing winter schedule, with scheduled carriers operating 23,732 flights.

The Summer Schedule 2024 (SS24) was finalised after a slot conference meeting in February, with final slots cleared by airport operators. There will be 24,275 departures per week to/from 125 airports in SS24, compared to 23,732 departures per week from 119 airports in WS 2023. New airports like Azamgarh, Aligarh, and others are proposed by scheduled airlines.

The DGCA stated, “Summer Schedule 2024 (SS24), which will be effective from March 31 till October 26, of the scheduled domestic airlines has been finalized after the slot conference meeting held in February.” The rise in weekly domestic flights is expected to cater to the increasing demand for air travel in the country, providing more connectivity for passengers across different regions.


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