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Dil Do web series on ULLU: Ayesha Kapoor let her guard down for passionate love and romance

Dil Do web series – If there is one market that has a huge potential to grow, it has to be OTT platforms. Since its introduction the mode of entertainment has changed. At the time when everything was put on a halt, OTT platforms were thriving during the pandemic. Additionally, with time they have proved that they are here to stay and have the power to change the market’s perception towards cinema. OTT platforms, allows user to explore a wide range of content in any genre. You can enjoy the latest content on your own couch than go out to theatres. In today’s world, content is king, and the hunger for new content in today’s users is vast. With that said, today we are gonna be diving into the ullu’s hit web series- Dil Do. The web series is available on the ullu app and is filled with bold sex scenes. 

The plotline of the Dil Do web series

The plot revolves around a married couple whose life turns upside down when the husband suffers from a paralysis attack. The wife is sad and depressed and in order to make ends meet she starts taking odd jobs that require to bring down her morals. Plus her boss has different intentions towards her and wants to get physical with her. But the wife tries to keep everything professional and makes a proper distance from her boss. However, her boss often forces her to do things that she is not comfortable with. With so much job stress, she goes into depression but still continues with the job. Desperate for money, she starts doing extra hours in the hope to get a promotion. Watch the web series on the ullu app to know what happens next. Will she be able to continue with this or decides to end it for good?

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