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Do not be confused, the Prime Minister said, Davai Bhi Kadai bhi, even if the vaccine has come, there will not be any relaxation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday laid the foundation stone of AIIMS in Rajkot, Gujarat. PM attended the event through video conferencing. During this, PM Modi said about the Corona vaccine that the new year 2021 is coming with the hope of a cure. PM Modi said that vaccine preparations are now in the final phase in the country. The world’s largest vaccination campaign will start soon.

The Prime Minister said, “The year 2021 is full of challenges, the new year 2021 is coming with the hope of treatment, every necessary preparation is going on in India for the vaccine.” He said, “Earlier I used to say no medicine, no laxity, but now I am saying again, the medicine is also strict. Strictness has to be taken and medicine is also to be taken. Do not be confused if medicine comes and you will get relaxation. Our mantra for 2021 will be medicine as well as strictness. ”

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The PM said, “I urge the countrymen that there is a fight against Corona against an unknown enemy. Do not let the rumors market heat up.” Modi said, “The new year is knocking.” Today, another link strengthening the medical infrastructure of the country is joining. The foundation stone of AIIMS in Rajkot will strengthen the health and medical education of the entire country including Gujarat.

He said, “This last day of the year is to remember India’s millions of doctors, health warriors, sanitation workers, drug dealers, and other front line Corona Warriors.” Today I salute the companions who have given their lives on the duty path. “

PM Modi said, “In the year 2021 there was disappointment of transition, there were concerns, there were question marks all around. But 2021 is bringing hope for a cure. Every necessary preparation is going on in India regarding the vaccine. Efforts are on the last steps to make the vaccine made in India faster to reach everyone.

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The PM said, “There are about 30 thousand crores more left over from the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. This scheme has freed the poor from so much economic concern. The treatment of many serious diseases is provided free of cost in poor hospitals. India is going to play the most important role in both Future of Health and Health of Future. Where the world will also get medical professionals, they will also get service. The world will also get experience of mass immunization and will also get expertise. ”

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