East Facing House Vastu Plan 3D Ideas for 2024

Explore innovative 3D ideas for East facing house Vastu plans in 2024, designed to enhance positivity and balance in your living space.

East Facing House Vastu Plan – People nowadays don’t believe in Vastu Shastra, many think it’s just a superstition. But this is an ancient study that has been in our culture for centuries. It is related to the construction of homes, workplaces, and palaces. It will give you insights into the sciences that are about constructing a structure that will elevate the energy around your house. It also consists of direction-specific houses like the east-facing house Vastu. The base of Vastu Shastra is infusing all the 5 earth elements of nature- air, fire, water, earth, and sky. 

30×40 East Facing House Vastu Plan

East Facing House Vastu Plan

20×50 East Facing House Vastu Plan 3D Map

East Facing House Vastu Plan 3D

30×50 East Facing House Vastu Plan

East Facing House Vastu Plan 3D

How to Identify An East-Facing House?

The sun rises from the east, so if the main door of your house is in the east, then the sun should rise from the front of the house.

East-Facing Houses and Their Connection To Luck?

Houses that are built with a face towards the east direction or say more space towards the east are considered as lucky. It attracts luck and prosperity. 

Vastu Shastra Tips for East-Facing House

  • Pooja’s house should be in the northeast direction as this is regarded as the corner of mental peace. 
  • If you are building a staircase then it should be in the south or west direction. 
  • Spaces like balconies should be in the east. This will allow maximum sunlight thus bringing better positivity to your house. 
  • The bedroom should be in the southwest direction. 

East Facing House Vastu Plan for Main Entrance

If your house is east facing then make sure the main gate is placed in the center, as the northeast or southeast corners of the house are considered inauspicious.

East Facing House Vastu Plan for Master Bedroom 

Make sure to build your bedroom in the southwest direction. Plus the room should be larger than the other rooms in your house. 

East Facing House Vastu for Living Room

According to Vastu, the living area should be built on the northeast side of the home. The walls for the east and north walls must be thinner as well as shorter compared to the walls of the south and west walls. 


Vastu Shastra says that the kitchen should be in the southeast direction. If you can’t do it then the other option is the northwest direction. 

Dining Room

If your house is east-facing, then the dining room and the kitchen must be in continuation of the west, south, and east sides. 

Pooja Room

As mentioned above, the pooja room must be in the northeast direction. It doesn’t matter if your home is 2BHK or 3BHK, it should always be far away from the bathroom. 

Artifacts for East-Facing House Design

To improve the family relationship, set a painting of a rising sun in the east direction. You can also hang a picture of seven horses as it attracts wealth and prosperity. 

Water Tank Placement

The ideal location for setting up a water tank is in the northeast direction. If it is overhead then it must be in the west or the southwest direction. As per Vastu, the water tank should never be at the centre of the house. 

East Facing House Vastu Plan for Open Spaces and Balcony

The balcony is an open space so it should be in the east direction. As it will bring a lot of sunlight into your home. This also brings a lot of positive energy to your home. 

Ideal Wall Colours for East Facing House

As for the east-facing homes, hues of green or blue are ideal for the living room and the balcony. 

East Facing House Vastu Plan for Staircase

The staircase must be in the west, south, or southwest direction. The staircase should never be in the northeast corner of the home. 

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