Ending Explained: Trigger Point Season 1

Explore the critical acclaim and gripping storytelling of "Trigger Point," featuring Vicky McClure as a bomb disposal expert, now on Peacock.

Critical Acclaim and Second Season Announcement:

“Trigger Point” is a captivating British crime thriller TV series that debuted on ITV on January 23, 2022, starring the talented Vicky McClure as a police bomb disposal expert based in London. Created and written by Daniel Brierley, the show’s success led to the commissioning of a second season, announced on February 27, 2022. The second season commenced its broadcast on January 28, 2024, continuing the gripping narrative set in London.

With its masterful blend of drama, suspense, and intricate storytelling, “Trigger Point” has become a must-watch for fans of crime thrillers. McClure’s portrayal of the bomb disposal expert adds depth and authenticity to the character, contributing to the show’s overall success. The first season concluded with a revelation about the mastermind behind the bombings, setting the stage for an even more intense second season, which promises more suspense and heightened drama.

Vicky McClure’s Compelling Performance:

Based on the success of the first season, “Trigger Point” has gained significant attention and positive reviews, earning a dedicated fan base eagerly anticipating each episode’s release. With its compelling storyline and the stellar performance of Vicky McClure, “Trigger Point” has garnered attention and was renewed for a second series. The announcement of the second season came on February 27, 2022, and it commenced airing on January 28, 2024, continuing the suspenseful narrative of bomb disposal operations and the unraveling of intricate mysteries.

Streaming on Peacock:

“Trigger Point” is now available for streaming exclusively on Peacock, the NBC Universal-owned platform, offering a compelling narrative, intense storytelling, and captivating character dynamics that have resonated with audiences since its UK premiere. The series follows the gripping narrative of a bomb disposal expert, played by Vicky McClure, as she navigates intense situations involving bombings in London.

Overall, “Trigger Point” has been described as an utterly preposterous yet thrilling experience, characterized by its intense scenarios and captivating storytelling. The show’s blend of banter and suspense has earned it comparisons to popular police thrillers, ensuring it remains a standout in the realm of British television crime dramas.

With its captivating storyline and compelling performances, “Trigger Point” continues to engage audiences and maintain its standing as a must-watch crime thriller series.

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