First Serve NGO partners with The Claridges and Maxtennis Academy to empower young tennis players

Indian Tennis Stars Mentoring Initiative Launched in New Delhi

New Delhi, April 13 (IANS) The Claridges, in collaboration with First Serve NGO and Maxtennis Academy, introduced a unique Corporate Social Responsibility project to mentor young tennis players and promote the sport in India.

The initiative, initiated by Reyaan Punj, aimed to provide high-quality training and personal growth opportunities to the youth. First Serve NGO, led by Punj, advocates for sports as a tool for empowerment, emphasizing values like discipline, teamwork, and resilience.

The Youth Tennis Tournament, supported by The Claridges, took place on April 6-7, 2024, at Jesus & Mary College in New Delhi, catering to children aged 4-15 years. The event offered a platform for young players to showcase their talent while promoting health with nutritious refreshments.

Reyaan expressed, “Through the power of sport, we aim to create a brighter future for young individuals and contribute to the development of a healthier and more inclusive society,” emphasizing the collective effort with Maxtennis Academy and The Claridges.

The presence of notable personalities at the event highlighted the significance of supporting youth empowerment and philanthropic initiatives. The collaboration between the organizations aimed to inspire a new generation of leaders fostering positive social change through tennis.

The partnership between The Claridges, First Serve NGO, and Maxtennis Academy underscores a deep commitment to social impact and youth development, using tennis as a catalyst for change.–IANS


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