Fort Lauderdale Crane Accident at Third Avenue Bridge Over New River, 1 Casualty Reported

Recently, the Fort Lauderdale crane accident is all over the internet as a casualty has been reported. 

The crane fell against a bridge located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. In this accident, two people got severe injuries and another was found dead. 

According to the police officials, under the bridge, none person was regarded as dead and another person who was the driver of a car was quickly transferred by ambulance to a nearby hospital. 

WSVN reported that, the Fort Lauderdale police said the car driver was brought to the hospital immediately. However, no such concrete information about the deceased individual is available as of now.

About Fort Lauderdale Crane Accident

On the Southeast 3rd Street Bridge, traffic is not allowed. The Fire Rescue and Fort Lauderdale Police were dispatched at around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening. They were sent to “the Southeast 3rd Avenue Bridge across the New River downtown.”

As per the reports presented by police officials, witnesses reported two huge bangs. One of the witnesses is Roy Ramos of Local 10 News. Out of the two huge bangs, one portion of the crane hit the bridge and the other struck the ground.

One witness told Local 10 News that, “You could feel the vibrations from the noise. I saw a portion of the crane on the bridge when I came up here.” Moreover, the witness also saw people rushing “in the direction of one of the cars.”

 A part of the huge crane is reported to have been “fastened to a ledge of a structure that was still under construction,” which allegedly caused the chaos.

Pictures of the incident unveiled the damage that occurred to the bridge’s pavement. Entire traffic in the place was blocked and guarded by numerous police officers, reported CBS News.

The reason and information behind the crane’s collapse is also not confirmed by the investigating team yet.

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