WATCH VIDEO: YouTuber Freddy Mckinney Rescued Texas Family From Tornado, GoFundMe Campaign Launched As Home Destroyed 

A Texas family whose house was devastated on Thursday by a tornado is currently requesting for support. In the wake of this, a GoFundMe page has been launched.

According to Times Now, the Texas Tornado hitting Oklahoma and Iowa on Thursday has killed at least 5 individuals, including a baby. 

The family has been identified as Kasey and Wes Lambert, and their children, Allie and Lane, are currently seeking donations. 

Their GoFundMe campaign’s caption reads,

“Hi, my name is Bradye McQueen, and I am helping coordinate the recovery for my cousin and her family. Wes & Kasey Lambert, and their kids Lane and Allie. They will need funds to help with the transition and rebuilding their lives and cover ER bills.”

Who is Freddy McKinney in Limelight?

The bravery of a storm chaser Freddy McKinney is everywhere on the internet. He is being appreciated for his heroics when he helped a family in need following a tornado that destroyed the latter’s Texas home. 

On May 2, Thursday, in Hodges, Freddy McKinney was live-streaming and chasing a tornado.  

There, right before his eyes, he witnessed a large pile of water obliterating a house. This incident occurred on County Road 458. 

The entire incident was captured on McKinney’s live YouTube page. It featured the YouTuber approaching the damage. The tornado was at a safe distance away. 

When McKinney stopped in the middle, he saw a bunch of people running up the street. He witnessed a woman carrying a baby in her arms. 

He shouted, “Get in!” as the members of the family were approaching his vehicle. Then he asked a woman to enter his vehicle. 

Subsequently, her son and husband followed shortly. 

Freddy McKinney drove the entire family to a nearby healthcare center. 

What Happened Next?

A relative of the family, Bradye Lynn McQueen, shared hospital photos on Friday by extending gratitude to McKinney for his bravery, reported People.

She stated,

“Thank you, Freddy, for taking care of my cousin & her family. We are all so grateful you were out there. As an update for everyone, they are very banged up, but they have all been discharged & are spending the night at grandparents’.”

The YouTuber replied,

“I’ve never met a more courageous family in my life. Kasey and Wes, you guys are absolutely rock stars. I’m so glad you guys are doing better. Thank you for sharing this update, Bradye.”

Notably, until now, the GoFundMe campaign has raised $85,669 USD out of a target of achieving a goal of $100,000.

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