150+ Best Funny Math Jokes & Puns to make students hilarious laugh

Math Jokes? This concept sounds much wired. As we think how Maths can be funny?  Many people find it very difficult to solve Maths problems in their school days. For some people, it may be their non-favourite subject or nightmare. But yes there are really funny math jokes about which will really make you laugh a lot.

Funny Math Jokes

  • What tool is best suited for math? Multi-pliers.
  • Why was Mr. Gilson’s class so noisy? He liked to practice gong division!
  • Why did the girl wear glasses during math class? It improved di-vision.
  • A father noticed his son was sad coming home from school one day. “What’s wrong?” The father asked. “I really don’t like long division,” the son answered, “I always feel bad for the remainders.”
  • What’s a swimmer’s favorite kind of math? Dive-ision!
  • Do you know what seems odd to me? Numbers that aren’t divisible by two.
  • Do you know what’s odd? Every other number!
  • Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven, eight, nine!

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Funny Maths Puns

  • Why did the student do multiplication problems on the floor? The teacher told him not to use tables.
  • Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers? He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them.
  • How do you solve any equation? Multiply both sides by zero.
  • Which tables do you not have to learn? Dinner tables!
  • Surgeon: Nurse, I have so many patients. Who do I work on first? Nurse: Simple, follow the order of operations.
  • I met a math teacher who had 12 children. She really knows how to multiply!
  • Why was the student confused when he went from English class to math class? Because he was taught that a double negative in English is bad, but in math, it’s a positive.

Calculus Jokes

·  Calculus has a steep learning curve…

But at least you know exactly how steep the learning curve is!

·  How does Donald Trump do calculus integration?

He makes sure to grab it by the +c

·  I got arrested for doing calculus drunk.

The officer told me to never drink and derive.

·  My calculus professor was late 16 minutes for his first class, 8 minutes late for the second, and 4 minutes for the third.

·  Why did the Calculus Teacher take the student’s calculator away?

He was viewing graphic material

·  I hate calculus…

I sometime wonder why I thought I should SINE up for this.

· When God integrated Planet Earth, he thankfully recalled his Calculus lesson.

He remembered to add the sea.

Extremely Funny Math Jokes for Kids

1. What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?
A stick.

2. What does a cloud wear under his raincoat?

3. What time is it when the clock strikes 13?
Time to get a new clock.

4. How does a cucumber become a pickle?
It goes through a jarring experience.

5. What did one toilet say to the other?
You look a bit flushed.

6. What do you think of that new diner on the moon?
Food was good, but there really wasn’t much atmosphere.

7. Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
Because the chicken wasn’t born yet.

8. Why can’t Elsa from Frozen have a balloon?
Because she will “let it go, let it go.”

Funny Math Jokes for Kids

Q: How do all the oceans say hello to each other? They wave!

Q: What did one wall say to the other wall? I’ll meet you at the corner!

Q: What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear!

Q: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese!

Q: Where do cows go for entertainment? To the moo-vies!

Q Knock, knock. Who’s there? Cows go. Cows go who? No, cows go MOO!

Q:  What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef!

Q: What do you call a cow with two legs? Lean meat!

Geometry Jokes

  • How does a mathematician plow fields? With a pro-tractor.
  • What’s a math teacher’s favorite kind of tree? Geometry.
  • Parallel lines have so much in common … It’s a shame they’ll never meet.
  • What do you call more than one L? A parallel!
  • Why wasn’t the geometry teacher at school? Because she sprained her angle.
  • I had an argument with a 90° angle. It turns out it was right.
  • Did you hear about the over-educated circle? It has 360°!
  • What shape is usually waiting for you inside a Starbucks? A line.

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