Greenbelt Park Shooting: 5 People Shot, Sent To Hospital in Maryland 

Amid various shooting incidents happening sometimes, the Greenbelt Park Shooting has yet again invaded the media headlines.

The Greenbelt Park Shooting took place on April 19, Friday afternoon. WBAL-TV cited that authorities revealed that up to five people were shot in the incident. People were attending a big gathering in the park when the shooting occurred. 

The law enforcement authorities unveiled that during the gathering, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded. Greenbelt police officers disclosed reports which state that the gathering had a strength of more than 500. 

Greenbelt Park Shooting Incident Explored

In the Bowie area, or what TimesNow calls “senior skip day,” more than five hundred young people had gathered together at the place.

When they were asked to disperse, a huge bunch of people moved inside the 6900 block of Hanover Parkway, into a park. 

Law enforcement officials claimed that they kept a close eye on the entire thing happening. There was no sign of any unfortunate tragedy unfolding. However, suddenly, the silence was broken and the sound of gunshots was heard. 

Police also heard the gunshots sound and checked the scene. They found five people shots behind due to an argument. 

As per DC News Now, three of the five were adults and the rest two were children. The adults were allegedly eighteen years old. 

All the five people were quickly transferred to the hospital and were provided with urgent treatment and critical care. 

Until now, information about the health conditions of the victims is not known. However, as the investigation and inquiry into the Greenbelt Park shooting incident progresses, important leads are expected to be found out. 

As of now, details about the incident are still not clear. No official sources have released any further information.

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