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‘Guthlee Ladoo’ Hindi Movie OTT Release Date, Platform, Review, Cast, and Trailer



'Guthlee Ladoo' Hindi Movie OTT Release Date, Platform, Review, Cast, and Trailer

In this article will get to know about the plot, review, cast, crew, release date, and more about the film, ‘Guthlee Ladoo’. Scroll along to know all about it.

‘Guthlee Ladoo’ Movie Review

Guthlee is the son of a lower-caste sweeper. He goes to school and faces challenges due to his caste and creed. The headmaster of the school is very sympathetic towards Guthlee, but cannot go against societal norms and shackles. Guthlee keeps studying in the same school with the support of the headmaster without direct interaction, just by their comforting presence.

Audiences expressed their love for the film in various ways. Viewers liked how society’s shackles and problems were put forward subtly. The movie brings out the critical and unspoken concepts of society which are sometimes ignored.


It also educated people about the continuation and the right to equality according to articles 15 and 16, which serves as an eye-opener to people. The narrative technique used in the film played out amazingly with the themes the film was dealing with. It’s a perfect movie to check out with friends and family.

‘Guthlee Ladoo’ OTT Release Date

The film got its theatrical release on October 13, 2023. On January 7, 2024, the film was made available to stream and view OTT.

Where to watch ‘Guthlee Ladoo’?

After a successful theatrical run, viewers can now check out the film on an OTT platform named, Amazon Prime Video.


Cast and Their Roles

The cast of the film includes Sanjay Mishra as Harishankar, Dhanay Sheth as Guthlee, Subrat Dutta as Mangru, Kalyanee Mulay as Rania, Heet Sharma as Ladoo, Kanchan Pagare as Budhiya, Archana Patel as Dhaniya, Arif Shahdoli as Chaube, Sanjay Sonu as Ganesia, and more.

IMDb Rating

The film received a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDb.

Trailer and Promotion Posts

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