Adelina Panina’s Astonishing Predictions on Ukraine War to ‘End’ Very Soon 

A psychic named Adelina Panina is all over the internet predicting that the war between Ukraine and Russia would end very soon. 

The famous Russian psychic said that Volodymyr Zelenskyy would fly to Kyiv. As per her prediction, the incumbent Ukrainian President “would escape from the warzone silently.”

As per the revelation by the Russian psychic, Adelina Panina, the Russian invasion into Ukraine will come to an end soon. According to the Psychic, a huge turning point is on the way after almost two plus years of loss of capital, bloodshed and lack of countries’ resources, reported Times Now.

Panina stated to Moskovskij Komsomolets, the Russian news outlet, “The turning point, which will mark the beginning of the end, does not have long to wait. This will happen very soon at the end of April or May.”

Adelina Panina added that the Ukrainian invasion would finally meet its dead end and added, “Then, all over the world, even our most important opponents will understand: no one will be able to defeat Russia on the battlefield.”

Adelina Panina’s Astonishing Claims 

The popular Russian psychic’s claims are astonishing, which states that a prompt overhaul is expected in the government leadership of Ukraine along with leaving a significant mark on world order. 

According to The Daily Star, the fortune-teller could be quoted saying, “Governance of the country will pass into other hands. These events will be the beginning of the end. And the entire SVO will be completed in 2025. It shows me that this will happen in the spring. So the end is near.”

Adelina Panina foretold that something big would happen soon. She added that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s fate is predetermined. 

Adelina Panina, the famous Russian psychic concluded, “He will escape, and he will try to do it quietly and unnoticed.”

In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Despite criticism and global sanctions, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, remained undeterred.

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