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HMD announces Barbie Flip phone at MWC 2024




HMD announces Barbie Flip phone at MWC 2024

HMD Partners with Mattel to Launch Barbie Flip Phone

Barcelona, Feb 25 (IANS) – Human Mobile Devices (HMD) announced a partnership with Mattel to introduce the Barbie Flip Phone this summer. The device embodies the vintage chic of the iconic brand with a touch of pink and sparkle.

HMD’s chief marketing officer, Lars Silberbauer, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Mattel, emphasizing their shared commitment to innovation and societal change. The Barbie Flip Phone aims to provide a digital detox solution in a world where many young adults worry about excessive screen time.


The resurgence of feature phones is evident as HMD reported a significant increase in Flip Phone sales in Europe. With expectations for continued growth in 2024, the Barbie x HMD launch is anticipated to captivate Barbie fans of all ages.

Ruth Henriquez, head of consumer products at Mattel EMEA, anticipates an exciting reveal of the Barbie Flip Phone at Mobile World Congress. In addition to the new product launch, HMD has teased plans for a development platform named “HMD Fusion.”


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