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India has the best prospects for the future, according to RC Bhargava



No country other than India has better prospects for future: RC Bhargava

Maruti Suzuki Chairman RC Bhargava believes that India has immense potential for economic growth. In an event, he expressed that India surpasses other countries in future prospects. He emphasized the need to shed outdated laws and regulations hindering progress.

Bhargava remarked, “I can’t see any country in the world today which has better prospects for the future than India has.” He pointed out that while western nations face uncertainties in growth, India’s aspirations for progress are driven by a strong desire to improve future generations’ lives.

He highlighted the necessity for India to shed historical burdens accumulated over decades to reach its full economic potential. Despite past setbacks, the country now offers a conducive environment for growth, attracting global optimism due to recent systemic changes enabling businesses to thrive.


Addressing Maruti Suzuki’s success, Bhargava emphasized their self-sufficient approach in funding growth. The company expanded from producing 1 lakh cars to 22 lakh cars solely through internal resources. With plans to double production capacity without external funding, Maruti Suzuki stands as a testament to effective financial management.

In conclusion, Bhargava’s insights shed light on India’s promising future in economic growth and the importance of efficient management practices in achieving sustainable business success. As the country navigates towards fulfilling its potential, overcoming past hurdles remains crucial for unlocking future prosperity.


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