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India Witnessed Highest Daily Increase In Covid-19 Cases Since Late February, 12,213 New Cases Reported

Covid-19 Update: According to statistics from the Department of Health, the operational caseload in the nation is presently 58,215 cases, equivalent to 0.13 percent of cases.

India recorded 12,213 new cases on Thursday, the largest daily increase since early February this year, bringing the total number of cases to 43,257,730. Approximately 38.4

Covid-19 Cases Comparison

When compared to the prior day, when 8,822 cases were recorded, there has been a 100 percent increase. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the nation’s active incidence is now 58,215 cases, amounting to 0.13 percent of all cases.

Kerala and Maharashtra are the two states in the country that are experiencing the greatest increase in population. Kerala saw 3,488 new illnesses, compared to 4,024 in Maharashtra. In addition, the two states have the most cases in total. A significant increase has also been observed in Delhi. On Wednesday, the number of new Covid-19 diagnoses in the seat of government increased for the second time in a row, with up to 1,375 persons positive tests in just 24 hours.

Recent Covid-19 Outbreak

The recent Covid outbreak in India has raised fears of a fourth wave, although specialists point to low hospitalizations and death rates. Although the majority of the nation’s people have been completely immunized, states have been advised to remain vigilant.

In the previous 24 hours, 11 deaths were reported throughout India, bringing the number of people killed to 5,24,803 since the outbreak began. In the meantime, the survival rate is at 98.65%.

The standard rate of optimism is 2.35 %, whereas the weekly rate is 2.38 %. So far, 85.63 crore specimens have indeed been screened for coronavirus, including 5,19,419 tests within the last 24 hours.

195.67 crore injections of vaccines have been administered in India. For the age category of 12 to 14, around 3.54 crore initial doses and 2.02 crore subsequent doses have indeed been given.

The 15-to-18-year-old age group has received over 5.99 crore initial doses including over 4.73 crore subsequent doses. In the meantime, over 3.64 crore precautionary doses (booster shots) have been administered to adults over 60, health professionals, and staff members.

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