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Indian Youth Outsmarts Wealthy International Startups in AI Innovations: Kunal Bahl




Young Indian founders beat rich global startups in creating AI use
cases: Kunal Bahl

New Delhi, March 21 (IANS) Artificial intelligence (AI) is propelling Indian startups to new heights, with entrepreneurs raising just $1-2 million ahead of deep-pocketed startups from the US and Europe in terms of product innovation, said Kunal Bahl, Co-founder of Snapdeal and Titan Capital. Bahl highlighted the success of Indian founders in AI-led use cases, surpassing well-funded startups from other regions.

Bahl emphasized that despite limited funding avenues in India, startups are excelling in AI-led use cases, showcasing the wealth of talent in the country. He expressed optimism about India’s tech ecosystem going global, propelled by the success of startups focusing on AI innovations.

Indian AI Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups are on the cusp of major advancements, with a report by WestBridge Capital and Upekkha predicting the emergence of 100 new AI unicorns. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also endorsed India’s potential to lead in AI, encouraging young innovators to drive the nation towards technological advancement and global leadership at the ‘Viksit Bharat Startup Mahakumbh’ event in the Capital.


Modi urged startup founders to develop solutions that address India’s challenges while contributing to a better future globally. The event highlighted the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future of Indian startups, underlining the country’s emergence as a hub for innovation and technological advancement in the global arena.

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