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Introducing Flipkart VIP Subscription Program: Elevating customer shopping convenience to new heights with a multitude of integrated rewards ahead of the festive season

  • For a membership fee of Rs. 499, customers can subscribe to the Flipkart VIP Subscription Program and avail numerous rewards
  • The program includes benefits such as free same/next day delivery, returns within 48 hours, extra 5% savings using SuperCoins on all products, a welcome gift box worth Rs. 499, cancellation/rescheduling of flights on Cleartrip for Rs.1 and instant access to a dedicated customer support team
  • With its comprehensive rewards ecosystem, Flipkart will bring an unparalleled experience to millions of shoppers across India this festive season

Bengaluru – October 3, 2023: Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, launched its Flipkart VIP Subscription Program, delivering unmatched service and convenience. This unique loyalty construct is set to unlock a host of unique benefits for customers for their festive shopping needs. By upgrading to the VIP Subscription Program for an annual membership fee of Rs. 499, customers will access a world of membership rewards to enrich their shopping journey on Flipkart.

Flipkart’s VIP Subscription Program will enable a differentiated customer experience through offerings like free same/next day delivery, returns within 48 hours, a welcome gift box worth Rs. 499, and instant access to a dedicated customer support team. Further, customers can earn 5% SuperCoins (up to 300) on all purchases and extra 5% savings using SuperCoins on all products across the Flipkart group (including Cleartrip). The VIP Subscription Program membership will enable cancellation/rescheduling of flights on Cleartrip for Rs.1. As part of its integrated rewards and benefits ecosystem, these offerings have also been extended to Flipkart’s partner platforms including Cleartrip. The VIP Subscription Program membership is available only in 4 major Metro cities – Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi-NCR. Recently, as a part of Flipkart’s loyalty program, an upgraded version of the Flipkart Plus membership was introduced with Plus and Plus Premium which will continue to exist for the customers to avail the benefits which are a part of that program.

Announcing the new Flipkart VIP Subscription Program, Prabh Singh, Senior Vice President, Growth (User and Ads), Flipkart said,“At Flipkart, it is our utmost priority to continually innovate to provide an enhanced shopping experience to our customers bringing together incredible service and superior convenience. In keeping with this, I am delighted to introduce the Flipkart VIP Membership Program that will elevate our customers’ shopping on Flipkart by providing superior service and bring the best of benefits across the Flipkart group including Cleartrip, Health+ & more. Flipkart’s VIP program will be a great demonstration of our unwavering commitment to deliver the best experience to our customers.”

Hemant Badri, Senior Vice President, Head of Supply Chain and Customer Experience, Flipkart Group, said, “We are delighted to introduce the Flipkart VIP Subscription Program, a game-changing initiative that redefines shopping convenience and customer delight. Flipkart’s VIP Subscription Program will enable a differentiated customer experience through offerings like free same/next day delivery, returns within 48 hours, a welcome gift box worth Rs. 499, and instant access to a dedicated customer support team. As we gear up for the festive season, this program will elevate the shopping experience to new heights by offering a multitude of integrated rewards. Our commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction and simplifying the shopping journey is at the core of this endeavor. With the Flipkart VIP Program, we aim to provide our customers with unparalleled benefits, ensuring that their festive shopping is enjoyable and incredibly rewarding.”

Bharath Ram, Senior Vice President, User Acquisition and Retention, Flipkart, said, “Building on Flipkart’s continuing efforts to understand our consumers and address their nuanced needs as they emerge, the VIP Program is an amalgamation of convenience, value and customer delight, enabled by cutting-edge technology. With our customer-centric approach and relentless focus on innovation, we are confident that this initiative will bolster Flipkart as the chosen destination for shoppers across the country.”

Here is a step-by-step guide to enroll in the Flipkart VIP Subscription Program:

Step 1: Visit the Flipkart website or app

Step 2: Log in to your account using your credentials. If you are new to the platform, you will need to

create an account by providing your details

Step 3: Scroll to the VIP landing page and tap on the ‘Get VIP Benefits’ button

Step 4: Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to the payment and finalization process

Step 5: Enter payment details through your preferred mode and confirm order

Step 6: Upon successful enrollment, you will receive a confirmation message on the website or app

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