ITC Hotels introduces Storii Solan: A Celebration of Mountain Living

New Delhi, April 15 (IANS) Brand Storii expands with the launch of Storii by ITC Hotels, The Kaba Retreat, Solan. Nestled in the Kaba village, the boutique property offers expansive suites with private balconies and stunning views of the valley, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant blossoms.

Spread over five acres, Storii Solan is built with modern comforts and conscious building practices, showcasing the beauty of the Kasauli hills. The property provides a serene escape with stunning mountain views, farm terraces cultivating seasonal vegetables and herbs, creating an immersive experience for guests.

Anil Chadha, Chief Executive-ITC Hotels, stated, “Storii by ITC Hotels is fast becoming a preferred brand in the experiential segment. With the addition of Storii Solan, we further expand our presence in Himachal Pradesh, offering a quiet getaway for those seeking a retreat amidst nature’s beauty.”

Owners Sonya and Navneet Sahni shared, “Crafted over seven years, Storii Solan stands as a sanctuary for modern nomads seeking respite. From morning birdsong at Pod Hill to European culinary creations at ‘Another Round,’ the retreat offers a tranquil mountain haven for guests to unwind and reconnect with nature.”

The property’s arboretum is filled with Himalayan Cherry Blossoms, Oak trees, and more, creating a rich habitat for various bird species and offering an immersive experience in nature. Storii Solan also reintroduces the art of camping and ecotherapy experiences like ‘Mountain Hike and Picnic’, allowing guests to connect with nature and enjoy a digital detox.

Guests can also explore the Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple nearby for spiritual solace, and indulge in delectable cuisine at ‘Buzz’ and ‘Another Round,’ offering a range of local and global dishes. The retreat also provides opportunities for guests to participate in the ‘Chef’s Masterclass’ and savor Storii Solan’s signature summer drink and Himachali Dham food.

Overall, Storii Solan promises a unique and unforgettable experience for guests seeking a peaceful getaway amidst the natural beauty of the Kasauli hills.


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