Jayesh Bharbhaya discusses challenges of filming scenes with bandages: ‘Difficult to move around or speak’

Mumbai, April 12 (IANS) In an intriguing twist in ‘Pushpa Impossible’, viewers will see Nahari Bapodara (Jayesh Bharbhaya), who constantly clashes with Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), filming scenes with bandages wrapped around his face, neck, and hands. Speaking about the experience, Jayesh shared the challenges he faced and how he managed to bring authenticity to his character.

Jayesh revealed, “It is always exciting to work and have new experiences with my character. For the upcoming track, I had to wear bandages around my face during the shoot for a whole week. It was very uncomfortable because it was stuck to my skin and it was tough to move around or speak with all the heavy dressing as my jaw could not move.” Despite the discomfort, the actor gave his best to portray Nahari Bapodara convincingly.

“To add to the challenges, it was a little uncomfortable as the temperature is rising these days and I was feeling very itchy throughout. As an artist, we have to go through a lot of difficult situations, but we do that with a smile on our face because we need to give our best to the audiences,” Jayesh added. ‘Pushpa Impossible’ airs on Sony SAB, offering an exciting storyline for viewers to enjoy.


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