John Cena advises Travis Kelce to carefully consider any potential career changes

In a recent interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight’, John Cena advised Travis Kelce to carefully consider any potential career change, drawing from his own experience transitioning from wrestler to Hollywood actor. Cena emphasized the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving success.

Cena urged Kelce to reflect on his journey to becoming a Super Bowl champion, highlighting the misconception that success comes easily. He emphasized the years of hard work, setbacks, failures, and support from others that contributed to his own success. Cena emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with great teammates in any new endeavor.

Despite rumors of Kelce retiring soon, the football player is currently under contract with the Kansas City Chiefs until 2026 and has stated that he has “no plans” to retire just yet. It is clear that Kelce is focused on continuing his football career for the foreseeable future.

John Cena’s advice to Travis Kelce serves as a reminder of the dedication and hard work required to excel in any field. Kelce’s commitment to his football career and his future plans demonstrate his determination to succeed in the sport. Only time will tell if Kelce decides to explore other skills or talents in the future.


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