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Kangana visits Bagalamukhi Temple on her 37th birthday to destroy her enemies.




Kangana visits Bagalamukhi Temple on 37th b'day: 'Mere shatruon ka naash ho'

Actress Kangana Ranaut celebrated her 37th birthday by visiting the Bagalamukhi Temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, seeking blessings from the goddess. She expressed her desire for the destruction of her enemies. Kangana is known for her devotion to her roots and her spiritual beliefs.

Kangana, a National Film Award winning actress from Himachal Pradesh, visited the temple dedicated to goddess Bagalamukhi. She shared pictures on social media, showcasing her traditional attire and her peaceful prayer in the temple. The caption on her post reflects her strong faith in the divine power of the goddess and her connection to her childhood memories of visiting sacred places.

In her statement to the media, Kangana emphasized the significance of the temple and the power of the goddess in destroying enemies. She expressed her wish for prosperity and happiness for everyone, invoking the blessings of the goddess on her birthday. Kangana’s visit to the temple highlights her spiritual beliefs and her reverence for ancient traditions.


Amidst her birthday celebrations, Kangana also shared about her upcoming projects, including ‘Emergency’ and an untitled psychological thriller. Her dedication to her craft and her spiritual beliefs continue to define her journey in the entertainment industry. Kangana’s visit to the temple symbolizes her connection to her roots and her unwavering faith in the divine power of the goddess.

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