Kanwar Dhillon’s top praise for ‘Udne Ki Aasha’: ‘People mistake me for a Maharashtrian’

Mumbai, April 12 (IANS) Actor Kanwar Dhillon, known for his role as Sachin in ‘Udne Ki Aasha’, shared the best compliment he has received for his character. People now believe he is Maharashtrian, even though he is from a Punjabi family.

Kanwar mentioned, “People actually think that I am Maharashtrian. People have actually started to believe that I am a Marathi guy because when we shoot outdoor schedules and when fans come and interact with me, they start talking in Marathi.”

The actor expressed contentment in successfully convincing people that he is a Marathi guy playing Sachin. Kanwar found the wedding sequence in the show fascinating, gaining insight into Maharashtrian rituals and culture. The show delves into the relationships and transformations of Sachin and Sailee.

‘Udne Ki Aasha’ produced by Rahul Kumar Tewary, airs on Star Plus, highlighting the story of a wife’s struggle with a non-cooperative husband for the family’s progress.


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