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Karan Aujla and Divine Share Life Lessons in ‘Nothing Lasts’




Karan Aujla says Divine and he put their life learnings in 'Nothing Lasts'

Mumbai, March 4 (IANS) Rapper-singer Karan Aujla, along with Divine, has released a new song ‘Nothing Lasts’ as part of their collaborative album ‘Street Dreams’. The song reflects on life lessons and impermanence, with the duo sharing their personal experiences and emotions through the music.

Karan Aujla shared, “‘Nothing Lasts’ is a very special song and one of my personal favourites. Spending time with children in Dharavi was a lovely experience, embracing the simple joys of life. Through this song, we have shared our life learnings that nothing truly lasts forever.”

The duo also organized a ‘langar’ and ‘sneaker distribution’ for the kids of Dharavi as a way to give back to the community. Divine expressed, “‘Nothing Lasts’ in its very essence highlights the impermanence in life. We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. We hope the song resonates with everyone and conveys our emotions.”


The ‘Street Dreams’ album consists of seven songs, including ‘Nothing Lasts’, ‘Top Class’, ‘Straight Ballin’, ‘Yaad’, ‘Tareefan’, ‘Hisaab’, and ‘100 Million’. The official video of ‘Nothing Lasts’ can be found on Karan Aujla’s YouTube channel.

The song aims to resonate with the audience and share the message of treasuring the present moments in life. Through their music, Karan Aujla and Divine hope to inspire gratitude and appreciation for the life one lives.


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