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Khanapara Teer Result Today Live Updates 30.10.2023

Khanapara Teer Result Today 30.10.2023 – Those persons who have participated in Khanapara Teer events and are raring to know the results of their endeavor you are at the right place you can get all the latest and the most accurate results for Khanapara Teer result here.

All the above events are archery events and the winner is required to guess the total number of arrows that the archers have shot.

Khanapara Teer Result Overview

Lottery NameTeer Game (Archery Lottery)
Game TypeGambling
Authorized ByState Govt of Meghalaya & Govt of Assam
Lottery Ticket PrizeRs 100 to Rs 800
Winning Prize₹8,000 to ₹11,000
Teer Result Date30 October 2023 (Today)
TimingTeer Results Update Time is Subjected to Club’s Time
Result StatusDeclared (Available Now)

Khanpara Teer is an archery event and is played in the North East states of India. The seven sisters as the North Eastern states are called have a martial tradition and archery is an integral part of the culture of this region. Hence the Teer events became an instant hit when it was started.

The Khanapara Teer is conducted by Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association and the venue is Polo Ground the event is played under the aegis of the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act 1982.

Khanapara was a place where the travelers in the times of yore used to rest and have food, before moving on in their travel retinue. Khanapara Teer’s event involves betting on archers who shoot arrows at the target.

The event involves an archer shooting targets with an arrow and he gets two chances to accomplish this. In the first stage, he shoots two arrows and in the second stage, he shoots twenty arrows within a tile frame of two minutes.

The winners are decided on the basis of the archer who has hit the bull’s-eye the most times. Khanapara Teer involves betting on the winning archer.

If you have played for Khanapara Teer on 30 October, get all the results in an instant in one place, and get the latest, accurate, and timely results here. The Teer games are held in three phases, in the morning, Evening, and once in the Night.

Khanapara Teer Result Today 30.10.2023

Values/Winning Numbers85Wait…

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Previous Results

28-Oct-2023FR (4:20 PM)91
SR (5:00 PM)47
26-Oct-2023FR (4:20 PM)86
SR (5:00 PM)16
25-Oct-2023FR (4:20 PM)64
SR (5:00 PM)63
21-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)26
SR (5:00 PM)39
20-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)24
SR (5:00 PM)92
19-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)42
SR (5:00 PM)XX
18-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)66
SR (5:00 PM)47
17-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)39
SR (5:00 PM)60
16-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)24
SR (5:00 PM)79
14-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)32
SR (5:00 PM)90
13-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)36
SR (5:00 PM)77
12-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)72
SR (5:00 PM)78
11-Oct-23FR (4:20 PM)34
SR (5:00 PM)30

Khanapara Teer event is a game that is based on luck and the skills of the archer. Unique News Online advises the players to bet as per their wisdom. The betting and the excitement are there for everyone to enjoy but make sure you play the game only for its entertainment quotient.


Any lucky game has a risk of addiction. Therefore set aside the amount you want to bet as per your financial abilities and do not exceed it beyond the limit you have set for yourself. 

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