KJo’s advice on fillers and botox: ‘Exterior may change, but nature remains the same’

Mumbai, April 1 (IANS) Filmmaker Karan Johar has shared some pearls of wisdom on fillers, botox, and going under-the-knife for changing one’s exterior. Karan took to his Instagram stories to share a note in Hindi discussing the topic. He mentioned how applying fillers or makeup does not bring true fulfillment or make one younger.

In the note, Karan humorously mentioned, “No matter how much Botox you do, you’ll end up looking like a fly stung you.” He also added that going under the knife may change one’s exterior, but it does not alter one’s nature. Karan’s candid take on cosmetic procedures is receiving a lot of attention from his followers.

On the work front, Karan is reportedly working on the third instalment of ‘Student Of The Year’, which will be adapted into a series for an OTT platform. The third instalment will be directed by Reema Maya, known for her critically acclaimed short film ‘Nocturnal Burger’. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this new project helmed by the talented duo.

Karan’s insightful comments on beauty standards and cosmetic enhancements have sparked a conversation among netizens. His humorous yet thought-provoking take on the topic is resonating with many individuals who often feel pressured to conform to societal ideals of beauty. Stay tuned for more updates on Karan’s upcoming projects and his unique perspective on the industry.


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