7 Must-Watch Malayalam Sexy Movies To Stream Alone (2023)

The Malayalam Entertainment Industry, primarily based in the southern Indian state of Kerala, is renowned for producing films with rich narratives and profound themes. Often referred to as “Mollywood,” it stands out for its unique blend of art and commercial cinema. This industry has gifted India with several iconic filmmakers and actors, earning accolades not just nationally but also on the global stage. Over the years, Mollywood has played a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of Indian cinema through its thought-provoking content and innovative storytelling techniques.

Today we will be counting down some of the best Malayalam sexy movies that must be on your watchlist right now. Listed below are some of the best Malayalam sexy movies that you can enjoy alone. Keep on scrolling- 

Malayalam Sexy Movies Overview

Movie NameCast
AyaalLal, Lena, Ineya and Lakshmi Sharma
RathinirvedamShweta Menon, Sreejith Vijay, and others
VaishaliSuparna Anand, Santhosh Sivan, and others
ChattakkariHemanth Menon, Shamna Kasim, and others
DasharathamMohanlal, Rekha, and others
KayamManoj K. Jayan, Shwetha Menon, and others
100-Degree CelsiusShwetha Menon, Meghna Raj, Bhama, Ananya, and others

Top Malayalam Sexy Movies

1. Ayaal 

Malayalam Sexy Movies

One of the classic adult Malayalam sexy movies that are still talked about. It revolves around a village predictor, Gurudasan. He is known for his helpful and good reputation. One day he gets involved with a woman and the landlord’s wife. The film has many bold scenes and dialogues that will keep you hooked to your TV screens. 

2. Rathinirvedam

Malayalam Sexy Movies List

Based on a 1978 film and is directed by T.K Rajeev Kumar. It shows two friends Rathi and Pappu and aims to highlight a young deep passionate love affair and the drawbacks that come with it. Additionally, the movie has many sexually explicit scenes so viewer discretion is advised. 

3. Vaishali

Must-Watch Malayalam Sexy Movies

If you are looking for a movie that shows medieval times then this one is right on your alley. It shows a kingdom that has a curse. The whole kingdom is suffering from drought. Out of all, a girl named Vaishali decides to take the matter into her own hands and decides to seduce the priest’s son in order to manipulate him and end the curse. The film is a perfect combination of drama, romance as well as music. 

4. Chattakkari


The film is based on Pamman’s novel and has a two-part tale. It shows Julie, her love story with Sasi and the dire consequences that come with it. The film is packed with passion and love. Lust, action and thrill. 

5. Dasharatham


The film shows a guy who is going through emotional distress. Lonely and sad he decides to adopt a child without a marriage. The story follows him as he embarks on a journey to adopt a child as per Indian law. 

6. Kayam


A sweet love story between a fisherman and a girl named Thamara. Throughout the movie, you will experience many ups and downs in their relationship. Love can sometimes be loving and caring while in some cases it can put you into emotional turmoil. 

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7. 100-Degree Celsius

100-Degree Celsius

The movie shows 4 women and their complicated love lives. Some scenes are intense so viewer discretion is advised. The movie is for a mature audience and is filled with drama.

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