Manchester Mall, NH Shooting: Investigation Underway

The Manchester Mall shooting incident took place on Sunday evening in a parking lot of the Mall. The investigation into the matter was carried out by the Manchester Police Department, reported WMUR.

As according to the police log that is available on the internet, the shooting occurred around 4:50 p.m.

The investigation into the incident is still going on. However, all the people who were related to the shooting have vacated the place. 

To block the areas of the Manchester Mall’s parking lot, Yellow police tape was made to work temporarily. However, the police team was taken down by early evening. 

Manchester Mall, NH Shooting Investigation Proceeds 

An evidence marker was found at the scene that indicated the presence of relevant objects on which further inquiry can be done. 

As per witness testimonies, a single “pop” sound from the parking lot sounded like a gunshot. 

Until now, the information about the potential injuries expected from the incident is unclear. Authorities have not released any official statement regarding the incident yet. 

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As per Patch, an investigation is going on in the Mall of New Hampshire by the law enforcement agencies.

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