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Multiple explosions rock Ukraine amid Russian airstrikes; Poland reports airspace breach




Ukraine rocked by multiple explosions amid Russian airstrikes, Poland says its airspace breached

Ukraine Under Attack: Wave of Explosions Hit Country
Kiev, March 24 (IANS) – Ukraine faced a series of explosions on Sunday morning as Russia initiated the third assault in four days, Ukrainian authorities confirmed. The Russian forces launched 29 cruise missiles from 14 Tu-95MC fighters and 28 Shahed drones at Ukraine, with the Ukrainian Air Force managing to shoot down 18 missiles and 25 drones in various regions.

Fortunately, preliminary reports suggest that there were no casualties resulting from the attack on the Ukrainian capital. However, a critical infrastructure facility in the western Lviv region caught fire following the assault by missiles and drones, as reported by Lviv region’s governor Maksym Kozytskyi on Telegram. Specific details about the incident are yet to be disclosed.

Residents in the western Khmelnytsky and Volyn regions also reported hearing explosions during an air alert, indicating the widespread impact of the attacks. Furthermore, Poland’s foreign ministry revealed that its airspace was violated overnight, prompting the government to seek clarification from Moscow regarding the breach.


“Polish airspace was breached by one of the cruise missiles fired in the night by the air forces… of the Russian Federation,” noted the army. The situation remains tense as Ukraine continues to face relentless attacks, raising concerns about the escalating conflict in the region.

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